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PRODIGIOUS GENIUS KID SANJAY ARUNKUMAR 6 years old boy doing Grade 1 in CAPSTONE HIGH SCHOOL Achievements of SANJAY.A born on 12th August 2014. He achieved 50 individual world records and 5 group records which includes 9 INDIA book of Records, 4 Asia Book of records for Reciting sovereign and non-sovereign states of America from India Book of Records and certified as Grand Master from Asia book records. Identification of flags of UN unrecognized territories of North America, South America, Caribbean Islands and French Guiana from Kalam World Records, Identification of maximum international cricket personalities by Triumph World Records and Identification of 250 logos in 1 minute from Triumph World Record and Fastest identification of Anagrams and Fastest identification maximum logos in 27 seconds by Raaba world records and Maximum logos identified 1 minute from international book of world records. He recited periodic elements in increasing order of atomic number and achieved Indian world record and titled as First Youngest Indian to achieve it.Maximum Geographical epithets identified by kid, Math Whiz Youngest to perform 2,3,4,5 Digit Multiplication, Division, and decimal based Division.Prodigious Genius Kid Youngest to perform katas and won state championship.Mind Master fastest to solve 2*2 and 3*3 Rubik cubes.Youngest to write Tamil counting. Youngest to identify maximum epithets. Youngest to name 111 Indian space satellites and space missions and 88 constellations and space and astronomical objects. Youngest to identify Maximum number of famous personalities. Fastest to recite all districts of Tamilnadu, states and union territories capitals of India and their landforms and water bodies. Fastest to identify and recite capitals of world countries. PUZZLE PRODIGY Fastest to solve India map and world map puzzles. Fastest to answer maximum general knowledge questions in 30 seconds,and He has been awarded as Super Talented Kid by Exectis Achievement Awards, Indian Excellency award from Indian book of records and awarded star republic award from India star book of records and extraordinary talent kid 2020 by geniuses World Record. He has been titled as Talent Icon 2k21 by jackhi book of talents. He has been awarded Master of Talents by Raaba media. He has been awarded as young achiever in international Talent hunt 2020 by Raaba Media and won silver medal among 3000 participants.He was awarded Young star award among 7000 participants in talent hunt season 3 by Raaba Media. He was titled Star of the Event and recognised by 37000 participants by Raaba Media. He was titled as Mind Master for cube solving in talent hunt season 4. He won talent hunt 2k21 of Jackie book of talents among 600 participants. He received International kalam golden awards 2021 as Best young achiever of 2k21 and Best Talent kid of the year.He was awarded Green Eco system Restoration Honouraward 2021, Martyr's day Excellence award 2021, Dr. Ambedkar anniversary award, International Earth Saviour's Award, award of International Book Literature, India's best talent awards from Raaba Media. He has completed Artificial Intelligence course and coding basics course. He has been awarded as International championship 2k21 by Awesome kids and unique talent kid award by Purple wings organization. He was awarded Best Preservator Kid Award by Smart Super Star organisation. He won silver medal in karate state championship. He secured National ranking 2 in wheelbox English Olympiad and won cash prize. He secured 4 th rank in maths in international seek Olympiad. He secured rank 1 in English and maths Olympiads. He secured National rank 28 in Analytical Brain Competition. He won rank 1 in international English, Maths and Science Olympiad conducted by silver zone. He won Rank 2 and received award of excellence for English and Rank 4 in Science and Rank 3 in Mathematics. He won clever hunt Quiz contest. He was honoured as Genius Kid for securing 95% in Genius cerebrum USA Math olympiads.He has secured school Rank 1 in AIMS talent exam.

Name : Dr.A.SANJAY
Nickname :
Profession : Student
Age : 7
Date of Birth : 2014-08-12
Marital Status : Unmarried
Children :
Religion : Hindu
Educational Qualification : Grade 2
College :
Hobbies : Reading books, playing cricket, carrom, chess
Blood Group : B+ve
Hometown : Thoothukudi
Current City : Bangalore
Nationality : Indian
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077214443680
Twitter :
Instagram :
Linked In :
Email : subhashinikrishnan29@gmail.com
List of Awards & Honour : PRODIGIOUS GENIUS KID SANJAY has secured first prize in spell bee contest conducted by smart kid. He has won First prize in Little science contest ,Drawing contest on theme My Father, second place in news reader contest, speech contest on principles of buddha,3 D art contest, fireless cooking contest, Jokes contest. He won first place in essay writing contest on May Day. He won prizes in clock art contest, foot print contests. He won drawing contest conducted by Money Plant.He has been awarded young talent, magnificent talented kid award ,unique talent kid, sparkling star,multi-talented kid, exemplary kid, outstanding kid achiever, Mind Master, Child Prodigy,Marvelous kid, Super Kid Prodigious Kid, Genius kid and Grand Master award in general knowledge for winning more than 55 prizes in storytelling, fancy dress, speech, essay, drawing art and craft contest, poster making, science explorations, commentary contest conducted by various organizations in national and international level. He has been featured in India's best kids newspapers Kids Age and Robin Age and appreciated by them as a budding talent. He is also a school topper in academics and participated and won in many sport events conducted in school. He is awarded by Noble book of world Records for his excellency in general knowledge. He is recognised by Indiaan World Records for his Row thiram Pazhagu Event.He is a left handed cricketer spends time in playing,reading books, brain challenge activities rather than electronic gadgets.